1. Dearly beloved, I write to you in this moment through a calling in my spirit, just as Paul wrote to the church in Ephesians for bearing in mind that we are already made one body by faith.
2. Even as I subject in my utmost prayer the one I deeply love for this same purpose, I hence make reference to you also the yet to be married women amongst our kin to join faith with me in this terrestrial request.
3. Retard not from memory the story of Queen Vashti who was disgraced out from her place of grace by her King. Knowing that to every Queen, there must be a King and to every King a Queen;
4. And the King is anointed and ordained to be the head of the Queen, to protect and provide unto her all her needs physically and spiritually
5. As we are all already made Kings and Queens through terrestrial heritage, but yet be ye not ignorant of the fact that while grace prevails, character sustains.
6. It is but only a foolish woman who wholesomely rest upon her beauty, for this too is vanity and shall soon fade away. The permanent home address of a woman’s true beauty is indeed in her character.
7. My first prayer unto you this day is to rebuke every residue spirit of Vashti that yet resides in thee whose fruits are well known to be pride, arrogance, disrespect, uneasy to submit, self-centered, ingratitude
8. And secondly, for the manifestation of YOUR Esther from within you. A true Esther knows not only how to win the heart of her king but also how to keep it; how to understand and arrest his moods and how to influence his decisions without manipulating him. Knowing that it is a CURSE for her to desire to CONTROL him
9. She is an instrument of God unto him, steering him to fulfill his destiny and purpose, for THIS too is her own TRUE purpose. As his vision becomes her vision in marriage and the two must work together in agreement; for his downfall will entangle her along as Eve
10. Dearly beloved, I am but a son of man triggered by the love in his heart; moved by a calling in his spirit. I am but a vessel inspired by God to put pen to paper.

Love from me…



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