i be man…

A Drunk 18yrs old boy asked a married woman out, she got pissed & told her husband about it. D husband told d woman to invite d’ boy over so that he could beat d’ hell out of him, he would hide under d bed. D woman did as her hubby requested. When d boy got there he kissed d woman & took of his T-shirt & his body was full of scars so d woman asked “why so many scars?” d boy replied “I like to lay married women & usually I get caught so I kill d hubby’s, If someone shows up now he’ll be No.20 on my murder list” the boy continued kissing d woman & the woman tried to reach out to her husband under d bed and a small voice came up “If u tell him I’m here, you’ll see”.


Your mindset

What you believe in and your mindset in approaching obstacles directly relate to whether or not you succeed, for it is in not only overcoming our obstacles, but the attitude with which we do it (do you approach things with integrity and dignity and diligence, or do you always look for the “back door” or the “shortcuts”?) that determine whether or not we truly succeed.

Learn to appreciate

guy promised his girlfriend that he would buy her a ring. The girl was very happy. She went to the salon to have some make over to look beautiful on her birthday. She bought make-ups, new clothes and new shoes. The day she’s been waiting for, arrived. She looked elegant, gorgeous…the dream girl for every man. Everybody was focused on her. The party was going to take place in one of those party buses. They were going to pick up her boyfriend 4rm a bus stop. When her boyfriend arrived with a simple doll, the girl got mad at her boyfriend. She thought that he would give her a diamond ring instead of a doll. She threw the doll away. The guy ask the bus driver to stop the bus so that he can pick up the doll, but a car hit him. He died in hospital after few hours. The girl felt very sorry, she cried every minute. At the funeral the girl remembered the gud tyms they had. She hugged the doll tightly, full of love and regret. She was shocked when the doll talked and said “HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY, will u marry me? She then gets the ring in the doll’s pocket with the note, hope u like it, i love u. The girl was crying and shouted, ” I’m sorry baby, i didn’t know, i love u too”, but the guy was gone forever. Moral of the story, we should learn to appreciate whatever comes our way because it might just take us to our next level in life…